WARNING: Fraudsters are trying to sell you cheap, fake car insurance!

Fake car insurance is being sold across the UK by so-called ‘ghost brokers’. Ghost brokers are fraudsters who target young drivers with ‘cheap deals’, issuing policies which aren’t worth the paper they’re written on.

If you purchase a policy from a ghost broker, you may be driving without valid insurance.

Did you know?

If you don’t have valid car insurance:

- Your car may be seized by police.

- You’ll pay a fixed penalty notice of £300.

- You’ll have to buy valid insurance & pay at least £150 to get your car back from the pound.

- You’ll pick up the bill for any damage you cause while driving without insurance, which could include compensation if you injure someone.

In short, if you get scammed by a ghost broker, you could be paying the price for the rest of your life.

Stay legal!

Don’t get scammed. Follow our simple guide to buying legitimate insurance:

- Use a price comparison website to compare insurance prices across hundreds of legitimate insurers.

- Speak to a legitimate broker find a broker via the British Insurance Brokers’ Association (BIBA). BIBA brokers help find legitimate policies tailored to your needs.

- Check your insurer is a Motor Insurers’ Bureau (MIB) member only MIB members are authorised to underwrite motor insurance in the UK. NB. Your insurance could be issued under a trading name, but the underwriter’s details should be made available to you on their website or on policy documents.

Get a real deal!

Insurance can be expensive. So use our top tips to buy the cheapest, legitimate insurance policy for you:

1. Shop around many legitimate insurers offer discounts for buying direct.

2. Pay a higher voluntary excess increasing the contribution you make to any claims costs can reduce the payment you make up front.

3. Consider a ‘pay how you drive’ policy - many insurers offer telematics (or ‘black box’ devices) for cars that monitor how the vehicle is being driven. Discounts can be offered to responsible drivers.

4. Secure your vehicle approved alarms and mobilisers reduce the cost of insurance.

5. Pay up front budgeting in advance to pay for your insurance up front works out cheaper than paying monthly.

For more information and tips on buying insurance, visit the Association of British Insurers website

If you’ve been the victim of ghost broking, you can report it anonymously by calling the Insurance Fraud Bureau (IFB) Cheatline on 0800 422 0421 or reporting online.